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Fan Encounters

4 Jun

By  Parisienne

It’s fair to admit not all fans are white jacket crazy. Yes, it seems the most absurd get the utmost attention in the media. However, what about the genuinely thoughtful fans with a grasp on reality? You know those who are not overzealous but rather modest who want to share their encounters and appreciation of the individual’s work. Yes them! Well this week we decided to focus on five thoughtful fan encounters and have you vote, which is your favorite. So let’s get started.

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2011 Summer Documentaries

1 Jun

By Open Book

There are so many great documentaries released each year but many go unnoticed by movie going audiences. So we thought we do a quick overview of some interesting documentaries coming out this summer.

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International Actors Playing American Superheroes-Part 2

15 Feb

By: Open Book

Today, reality T.V.is a favorite past time in America.  Some say it began back in 1992 with a show called The Real World on MTV. But in fact, it began much earlier on PBS with a show called An American Family in 1973.  The idea was the brainchild of a documentary film producer, Craig Gilbert in 1971.  He believed Americans were tired of situational comedies about families, like The Brady Bunch, Father Know Best and Ozzie and Harriet and wanted to try something new. But it’s important to mention, in 1973, 100,000 Americans lost jobs due to a number of US car manufacturers closing plants.[1] Needless to say, when An American Family aired in 1973, the show was a major success making it one of the most watched shows on PBS and it lasted for 12 episodes.[2] So what does all this have to do with American actors loosing jobs to International actors? A lot!  Continue reading

Pay-Per-View Movies at home?

22 Oct

By: Lurker

Would you pay $25 to watch a newly released movie at home?

Hollywood studios recently won an FCC ruling allowing them to stream movies directly to the home via a pay-per-view type service. The FCC also granted them the ability to restrict recording capabilities should they choose to pursue. MPAA secured this restriction as a play against online piracy and copyright protection. So the question is up to consumers, would you pay to watch recent movie at home only once for $25 while waiting to purchase a DVD? Continue reading

French music industry reaches deal with YouTube

30 Sep