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LIH Editorial 11/11-11/15

10 Nov

It is no surprise to LIH readers that we are big fans and supporters of Wonder Woman.  We have discussed her at length and are eager to see her make it to the big screen.  With the new Superman vs. Batman film getting underway, there is rumor that Wonder Woman may be making an appearance.  If that is true, we couldn’t be more excited!   Continue reading

Wonder Woman will not go Without a Fight!

18 May

By Open Book

Last week when the news came out NBC passed on the Wonder Woman series. Many fans wanted to know what to expect for the 70 year old Super heroine. But we found Wonder Woman not getting picked up by NBC was a much bigger issue. Since last year Linked in Hollywood has been covering the critical condition of not only Wonder Woman but the fate of leading ladies in general.  We wanted to know in this day and age when there are a ton of films catering to men’s interest (see article Male Perspective on Leading Ladies in Film) why are women not speaking out more? Well we posed the question to one our frequent visitors who comment here on Linked in Hollywood and here’s what they had to say.

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