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Movie Buzz 5-25

25 May

Well, The Avengers is still ruling the box office this last weekend! Battleship took the number two spot (taking $25.5 million) with The Dictator coming third ($17.4 million). Dark Shadows moved down to fourth place, with What to Expect When Expecting came in at number five ($10.5 million).  Let’s see how they did and if they’re worth the money![1]

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From Singers to Oscar Winners

8 Feb

Third article in our 5 weeks series on Campaigning for an Oscar!

By Littlebells

In the music and acting industry, there is what seems to be an infinite number of artists.  However, there are not many singers who transitioned to the screen that would go on to garner the coveted Oscar. Listed below are those who have left quite an impression on the music and acting world.

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Racial Equality in Film: Among Actors

29 Jun

Continuing our series on Racial Equality in Film

By Parisienne

There were no people of color nominated at this year’s 2011 Academy Awards. This absence left some people wondering? Where are the diverse faces both in front and behind the camera? What’s being done to improve diversity in Hollywood? So we decided to look at a few actors who have made quite a contribution to the film industry plus look into what’s being done to improve the diversity in Hollywood.

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Did African American’s go MIA in Hollywood? Part-2

3 Mar

By: Lurker

Part-2 of this series will focus on how well films featuring African American stories and actors perform domestically versus internationally.  In the same way we analyzed the numbers from our previous article Battle for the box office, we evaluated the numbers and percentages. One trend carried over from that first article where I am Legend and Hancock stood out. However, in part 1 the questions regarding why centered on two ideas, slow output and lack of knowledge of consumer demands. So let’s see what’s going on…  Continue reading

Did African American’s go MIA in Hollywood? Part-1

1 Mar

By: Open Book

Did African American actors go “missing in action” in Hollywood last year? Obviously the Academy Awards thought so and sprinkled a few into their broadcast for good measure. African American past Oscar nominees and winners were presenters this year but none were nominated? Mainstream news media reported a few weeks ago, why they thought people of color weren’t nominated for an Oscar this year. The big story by the New York Times entitled Hollywood’s Whiteout[1] was an attempt to goat African American’s into screaming foul play by Hollywood. Yet, African American audiences did not fall for it. Why? Before anyone get’s excited!!! This is not another article about African American’s being discriminated against in Hollywood. No! Instead this is about recognizing African American’s influence, business savvy, creativity and achievements in Hollywood. Also, Part-2 of this series will focus on how well films featuring African American stories and actors perform domestically and internationally.  Continue reading