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Dueling Film Projects in Hollywood

20 Feb

By Comic Relief

With so many movies dedicated to penguins and vampires, its no wonder audiences are complaining about the dearth of originality in Hollywood.  But even if we ignore how sequels diminish the amount of original material circulated from season to season, we still have  to acknowledged the new trend.

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Crisis of Credibility: The New Wonder Woman

2 May

Please welcome another article from guest writer:

By Comic Relief

Many who have heard of developments for a Wonder Woman TV show must be wondering what the show is about?  Those familiar with the comic’s character, if not the fairly unknown actress Adrianne Palicki, probably assume it stars Themysciran or Paradise Island’s Amazon Princess in her super powered adventures.  For many whom have heard the showed called a remake or reissue of the original Linda Carter T.V. series of the 1970’s may not be wrong. Yet all should know the character embraces many of the contradictions experienced by women in our contemporary world outside of comics.  So yes, expect some social controversy. And understand that this controversy is one of the reasons so many are predicting this NBC show will fail royally with audiences.  Continue reading