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Screen Writing for Receipts and Other Hot Messes

17 Jun

By Comic Relief

If you saw “Man of Steel” last weekend and propelled the movie to the largest June opening gross in film history ($20.3 million)[1] you participated in some fairly significant history.  Polarizing as many (but not all found it), it seems you can only believe one or two things about the quality of the movie.  This article will discuss a growing trend in DC/Warner Brothers development that I’m hoping will not be continued in future films.

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The Golden Age of Animation

11 Mar

The golden age of animation spanned from the late 1920’s to the early 1960’s, when sound was added to cartoons. Walt Disney had a strong hold on this area but he was not the only one.  Several other major studios also decided they wanted a slice of the pie. Some failed and others gave Disney a run for their money! In this article we’ll looked at the major companies, their creation’s first appearance on film and their attempts to knock Disney off his throne!

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The Depreciation of American Culture

10 Oct

1st article of our 6 week series on Hollywood Politics Inside & Out

It’s not a surprise media companies like Time Warner own film studios. Time Warner who own major Internet, publishing, telecommunications and television divisions, owns Warner Brothers and News Corporation owns Twentieth Century Fox and the Wall Street Journal. With all this influence the progression of American culture don’t stand a chance of evolving.  In this article we will look into media companies and advertisers influence over consumers as part of an ongoing six-week series on Hollywood and Politics.

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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2:The Rise and Fall of “Marginal” Players

28 Apr

For the week ending April 29th, one of the challenges of this column is finding events that don’t so much represent the writer’s interests but actually present events that have some consensual significance (across the board) in Hollywood generally.  That said events that are popular or hugely successful or unsuccessful always have some significance to every one.  After all celebratory and cautionary tales attract everyone’s attention. That “The Avengers” is already breaking sales records over seas would represent the former, already covered brilliantly by LIH, continued fallout out over Rich Ross’s removal at Disney would represent the latter.  As usual we had to peruse some reliable industry news and information resources like: Deadline.com, The Hollywood Reporter, Indiewire.com, and Variety.com to locate these stories.

Significant Stories:

  • Ryan Seacrest inks new deal
  • Prominence of the Tribecca film festival
  • The prestige and the influence of Joel Silver

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Is Reality TV Taking Over the Big Screen?

5 Mar

By Open Book

The film Project X opened in theaters this weekend. The film marketed primarily to young adult male audiences is rated R and moviegoers have to be 21 or older to see the film. So what’s the big deal? This film comes out during a time when women in America are asking for better representation in the media. Sure this has been an ongoing argument between women and Hollywood for a while now. However, to start off the New Year, the producers of Project X seem to be thumbing their noses at feminist everywhere claiming their bringing reality TV to the big screen. Could the negative depiction of young girls influence a whole new generation of men who devalue women?  The site feministfrequency.com analyzed film studios 2011 report card regarding women’s roles in film and surprisingly only one film passed the Bechdel Test.  In this article we will look at the trailer for Project X and see if it would pass or fail the Bechdel Test. Plus discuss Reality TV, scandal media culture being brought to the big screen.

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