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Will Cable Television be a Sanctuary after the Cinematic/Entertainment Implosion?

1 Aug

By Comic Relief

Commemorating the opening of USC’s Sumner Redstone Production Building [1] on USC’s campus, alumni Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas provoked a controversy unlike one frequently seen so close to the United States capital for cinematic entertainment. Part cautionary warning, doomsday prediction, and partial industry eulogy, there was very little about the address that wasn’t both prophetic and challenging (potentially in a negative sense).  In terms of evaluating their public address the New York Daily News paraphrased the occasion and the events that provoked it this way:

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Video On Demand: Is it The Way of the Future?

14 May

By Open Book

Today Video on Demand or VOD has breathed new life into independent filmmaking. As big studios began closing their Art House Divisions in favor of producing Tent Pole attractions moviegoers discovered the world of VOD or streaming video technology. Not to say the Big Blockbuster are a thing of the past (The Avengers confirms Blockbusters are here to stay). However, last year in an article Blockbuster vs. Indie Films Part 1&2 highlighted the problems facing the independent film industry. In this article we will revisit the current film market and what VOD offers moviegoers and independent filmmakers.

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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: When Rules are Broken

12 May

For the week ending May 12th, I can’t help remembering all of the week’s where the accumulated day’s outcomes were fairly ordinary, conventional, or certainly non-noteworthy. Other than The Avengers fairly unprecedented box office successes other events were equally unique and significantly hard to predict.  In many instances scenarios whose endings were inscribed, will have to be rewritten.  Conclusions that appeared to be confirmed should instead be entirely rethought.  And assurances that should have accumulated a fair amount of interest will certainly have to be recalculated. Filled with innovators, ground-breaking technology and trendsetters, this wasn’t a predictable week and little occurred historically to help say otherwise.

Significant Stories:

  • President Obama Pledges Support for Gay Marriage
  • Obstacles to tracking Video on Demand Stats