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Will Cable Television be a Sanctuary after the Cinematic/Entertainment Implosion?

1 Aug

By Comic Relief

Commemorating the opening of USC’s Sumner Redstone Production Building [1] on USC’s campus, alumni Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas provoked a controversy unlike one frequently seen so close to the United States capital for cinematic entertainment. Part cautionary warning, doomsday prediction, and partial industry eulogy, there was very little about the address that wasn’t both prophetic and challenging (potentially in a negative sense).  In terms of evaluating their public address the New York Daily News paraphrased the occasion and the events that provoked it this way:

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Filmmakers Speak Out on the Current State of Cinema

11 Jul

1st article in our 5 week series on Film Industry Implosion

Recently, at USC and the San Francisco International Film Festival filmmakers have spoken out about the current state of cinema and even gone as far as to predict a “Film Industry Implosion.[1]” Perhaps, this is true but many believe this is all an overreaction.  So we are going to spend the next five weeks focusing on this very topic. But first we will look into what these well-known filmmakers Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Steven Soderbergh are saying about the current state of cinema.  So let’s get started!

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