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Who’s on Disney’s Short List to Replace Rich Ross?

25 Apr

By Ozzie

With the news of Rich Ross stepping down from his role as Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, we thought we’d give a little history about the man and his possible replacements.

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Hollywood Take 2: Universal Sucks Up Twilight Fan Fiction!

31 Mar

This is where we decompress and review the top headlines in Hollywood this week. However, in honor of April fools day, I selected a few stories that made me laugh because of the irony. Let’s see if you get the same reaction.

Essential Stories:

  • Universal purchases: Twilight Fan Fiction “50 Shades of Grey
  • The MPAA gives Bully an R rating, while The Hunger Games gets a PG-13 rating.
  • Rupert Murdoch complains the BBC manipulated emails by News Corp in a BBC Documentary.

I know this is a short list but the situations are unbelievably funny. Enjoy!

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Dueling Film Projects in Hollywood

20 Feb

By Comic Relief

With so many movies dedicated to penguins and vampires, its no wonder audiences are complaining about the dearth of originality in Hollywood.  But even if we ignore how sequels diminish the amount of original material circulated from season to season, we still have  to acknowledged the new trend.

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Blockbusters vs. Indie Films: Part 1

16 May

By Open Book

The 64th, 2011 Festival de Cannes or Cannes Film festival is set to hand out its awards for best film on May 22, 2011.  Cannes is one of the most influential film festivals in the film industry.  Followed closely behind are Berlin International Film festival, The New York Film festival, and Venice Film festival and of course Sundance. [1] Film festivals are where independent filmmakers go to showcase their films in hopes of getting distribution. Yet, in the last two years major studios have scaled back the number of indie films it distributes and or produce. Why? We will uncover the reason distributors are being cautious, plus review why American audiences prefer to see blockbusters in theaters versus indie films.

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Universal Pictures and The Bourne Legacy

1 Nov

By: Open Book

Universal Pictures just announced Tony Gilroy as writer and director of the fourth film in the Bourne series. Tentatively titled for now The Bourne Legacy is coming to a theater near you Friday, August 3, 2012. Continue reading