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(Un) constituting “the United States of Tara”

12 Sep

4th article in our series on Hollywood & Mental Health

Finished after it’s third season for episodic television, Diablo Cody’s and Showtime’s “The United States of Tara” (or UST) had it’s charms if one could tolerate the fair amount of predictability necessary to sustain the central premise of this comedic drama.  Was that show a formulaic comedy? No, it was not.  Yet Cody, at the end of the first season, informs us how the series dramatic challenges will derive, how the series dramatic challenges will be stated and how the series dramatic challenges would be resolved at the end of each episode.  This may not hinder many fans especially if they are committed the consuming the exploits of the central cast.  Despite an intriguing run the numbers weren’t there at cancellation.    Continue reading