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Female Moviegoers are Fickle

15 May

The last Article in our series “ The Next Generation of Films for Women.”

The 2013 Cannes Film Festival finally opened this week and despite my excitement I still can’t get over the lack of female filmmakers in the festival.  Now granted this year they did manage to squeeze in one female director; her name is Valeria Bruni-Tedeschis and the film in competition is A Villa in Italy. Can this lack of diversity in festivals like Cannes and others be due to other mitigating factors? What’s causing women to get passed over? Are female moviegoers really to blame for female filmmakers not advancing?

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All Good Things Must Come To An End: Some Need More Help Than Others

25 Mar

When Harry Potter ended, many consumers were saddened by the end of the franchise.  However, J. K. Rowling gave them Pottermore to help them relive the series. Click here to view.

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Twilight-Breaking Dawn: The Bonds Of Motherly Love: How Twilight Helps Mothers And Daughters Communicate

21 Jan

What resources were at your disposal to have clear communication with your parents when you were growing up?  Teens nowadays have The Twilight Saga.  Cathy Leogrande has written an essay on this topic  let’s take a look.

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The Future of DVD and Blu Ray Packaging (Part 2)

17 Dec

In a previous article we discussed some of the misunderstandings regarding differences between the promotional missions of posters and DVD’s and Blu-ray packaging options.  Satisfied that these media address entirely different missions we can move forward. Though the same film may feature in both campaigns, we have to accept that the promotion of first run films is extremely different than the secondary market and promotion of home video sales. The winners in one may not necessarily be the winners in another.  It may be startling to recognize that a story telling vehicle has become more of a product than an attempt to build a unique narrative experience. Stopping at that transformation makes it difficult to recognize what the new package design configurations may mean in the seduction and captivation of audiences.  1. Along the way I intend to address what considerations occur in trying to motivate audiences to come to theaters versus those considerations that have them bring the video into their homes on a long-term basis.  2. Review how film production departments or stations might change their goals in the process of achieving these marketing agendas.  And 3. Discuss what package design configurations end products may take to overwhelm audiences regarding the original narrative experience.

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Breaking Dawn: Edward Loves Me, Edward Loves Me Not: Fans Responses To Love And Romance Within The Twilight Saga

3 Dec

As we have seen over the past four years, the Twilight Saga connects to females in a way that has never been seen before.  Teens and adult women alike are devoted to the franchise.  This article examines the essay written by Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz, Melissa Click and Jennifer Aubrey as they take a closer look at how some fans may use the romantic models within Twilight to shape their expectations and image of a romantic partner within their reality.  A study was conducted to see what the differences were between teens and adults.

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