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When An Actor Meets Reality

24 Oct

By Open Book

When an actor meets reality it may take the form of Shia Labeouf’s recent altercation on the streets of Vancouver, captured on video last week by TMZ (click here to see video). Now, who knows what really happened. However, when an actors persona overpowers their capacity to manage who’s to blame? Is it the actor, filmmaker or the general public or all three? In this article we will try to shed light on the realities of actors interactions with the general public and what the general public can do to respect an actor’s privacy off set.

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What Does a Mosquito & Paparazzi Have in Common?

10 Aug

Third article in our series on the Paparazzi/Gossip Industry.

By Littlebells

* Flash! * Snap! * Click! *

Whether you are a star in the making, an A-list movie star, or a D-list actor, chances are you have had several “papateco or paparazzi in your face with their bff, the camera.  What is a papateco?  A Sicilian term for oversize mosquito or buzzing insect.[1]  Appropriate, no?

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