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“Thor: The Dark World” – Marvel’s CBM Crossroad

11 Nov

Thor: The Dark World, (or TTDW) is pleasing to most Comic book movie fan audiences. If you are keeping up with the CBM’s, you probably like Marvel entertainments crop of recent films. If you’re viewing is more incidental than committed then you may be solely be keeping up with general developments in contemporary action-adventure films. Marvel has a range of films characters and properties at other studios, and their main competition DC Comics hasn’t produced enough films to really stand out as a consistent challenger.  Still the recent “Dark Knight” trilogy and “Man of Steel” box office are raising expectations.  Making excellent use of CGI technology and production craft, clearly fan appreciation rivals the kind of fan reception that used to accompany Westerns in the mid 20th century.  If you think that means all things are rosy in comic book movie genre, despite some impressive consistencies in story telling, we want to encourage a more critical reception. Without venturing into spoiler territory, we will explore what we’re getting in these movies.

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Resisting Self-Gratification? A 2013 Comic Book Movie Preview

4 Mar

An odd thing about watching some of Hollywood genres where male psychology figure prominently, is you get to witness many of the very worst contemporary male faults. Strangely, attributions like “Does not play well with others,” is almost a call to arms for many of our contemporary brethren.  Self-gratification is defined as the “the act of giving oneself pleasure or of satisfying one’s own desires [1].” But why is this bad, because many adults agree that civil social interaction actually requires a degree of willful collaboration, sympathetic sharing, and mutual respect and possibly some selflessness?  So the question has to be asked what can be done about this trend?  First I would say stop the Hollywood promotion of these anti-social attributes and stop it while things are still (relatively) manageable.  Raging self-absorbed testosterone of the past, (sometime defined as narcissism) led to some of our worst historical incidents.  No, this trend in entertainment isn’t new but it’s a sad turn of affairs just the same.  As in the past, what can start as conventional dramatic presentation can become a kind of social etiquette for the easily influenced.

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Hollywood Take 2: Golden Globe Predictions 2012

9 Dec

This is where we take a second look at the Top 5 happening stories in Hollywood this week and ask you to discuss them. So let’s get started!