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The New Hollywood Costume Exhibit

22 Oct

On Saturday the new Hollywood Costume exhibit opened at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. It features more than 100 costumes of the world’s most famous film characters covering a span of a century. Most of the clothes have never been shown publically before, other than on screen of course.

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Are You Scared Yet? A Look Back on Oscar-Winning Thrillers: Part-2 What Happened Next!

25 Jun

6th article in our 7 week series on Psychological Thrillers.

In the previous article we looked at five Oscar winning psychological thrillers, in this one we’ll look at the winners to see if they went on to do anymore movies, in the same genre that were Oscar nominated or won. As there are many talented people who have worked on these movies and won, we thought it best to narrow it down to one person of each film and one or two movies that they went on to work on. If we didn’t we’d be here for a very long time! Also, Inception hasn’t been included because it was only released in 2010 and the winners haven’t had time to make other psychological thrillers. Feel to add more or even discuss their past work in the comments!

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Are You Scared Yet? A Look Back on Oscar-Winning Thrillers: Part-1

20 Jun

5th article in our 7 week series on Psychological Thrillers.

By Parisienne

Why do we like to be scared out our minds?  Is it because we cannot control the surge of panic that our bodies go through when we are scared?  Or is it because we do not know how the film will end?  Whatever the reason is for liking thrillers, the Academy Awards loves them.  Let’s take a look down memory lane at some of our favorites and the awards they have won.

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Total Recall versus The Matrix: Who Ripped Off Whom?

9 Apr

By Open Book

There’s been a lot of buzz on the Internet about the new trailer for Total Recall. Many are complaining director Len Wiseman ripped off scenes from the The Matrix.  Yet, the first Total Recall film released in 1990 had a few scenes that looked like the Wachowski Brothers ripped off Total Recall. The Matrix was first released in 1999. Here take a look for yourself.

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