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Movie Buzz: 5/4

4 May

This weekend, Think Like a Man was still in the #1 spot at the box office, grossing $17.6M.  The Pirates! Band of Misfits came straight in at number 2 taking in $11.1M. The Hunger Games stayed at the #3 spot taking in an additional $10.8M.[1] The Five-Year Engagement ($10.6M) came in at number 5; Safe ($7.8M) took 6th place, while The Raven ($7.2M) placed at number 7.also opened this weekend bringing in $10.7M.  Let’s see how they did and if they are worth the money!

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Hollywood Take 2: Cannes 2012 Films in Competition

21 Apr

What’s happening in Hollywood this week? On Thursday April 19th Cannes released the list of films nominated for the Palme d’Or award. Also, two movie trailers were released that got cinephiles talking.  What films are they you ask? We will discuss those films plus the removal of Disney studio chief Rich Ross who was asked to step down this week.

Essential stories;

1. Cannes 2012 Film Line-Up

2. Most Captivating Movie Trailers 

3. Rich Ross Steps Down from Disney
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DC vs. Marvel: If Restrictive Covenants Stand in the Way

12 Mar

By Comic Relief

If you were a huge comics culture enthusiast or superhero character fanboy you can’t help but wonder why DC has no ability to compete with Marvel.  There are sites on the web that spend 24/7 arguing about this issue.  This article attempts to speculate about what barriers stand in the way of action/adventure competitive DC comics.  Yet we first need to make a detour in entertainment genres.

Unfortunately we do not do not discuss sports enough at LIH, so parts of the next presentation may seem a little jarring. But please be patient with the introduction, you need some set up to adapt to the questions that this article is asking.

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Super Bowl 2012: Best Movie Trailers

6 Feb

By Open Book

There were a number of movie trailers to debut during Super Bowl Sunday.  The price tag for advertising during the Super Bowl is quite expensive despite lack luster results. We often hear about the production cost of films, yet, marketing a film can be just as costly. In this article we will review the movie trailers that debut during Super Bowl Sunday and look at the cost for running those ads.

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Marvel Avenger’s Odd Audience Engagement

21 Nov

By Comic Relief

When the quality of the feature films we receive improves are we required to respond differently to our entertainment?  How do we know there has been an improvement?  It’s a sign of the times that all action films, especially those of the Super hero genre, are now at least partially animation films.  This new reality requires viewers to at least partially reevaluate the entertainment they are receiving.

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