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Film Studio Marketing Tactics: Part 1

22 Aug

1st article in our 7- week series on Film Studios Marketing Tactics

As mentioned in our editorial, our new series will explore film studio marketing tactics. Today in Part 1, we will look at a brief summary of some of the tools studio PR teams employ. Then next week in Part 2 we will explore both successful and failed marketing tactics.

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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: 2012 Cannes Film Festival Opens

19 May

As Hollywood heads off to France for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. LIH takes a look at a couple stories unrelated to Hollywood but impacts it just the same. The first being the opening of the Cannes Film Festival where we review the movie that opened the festival. Then we head over to the UK to get an update on the phone hacking scandal by News International. Here’s the full list of significant stories this week:

  • The Avengers’ Earns $1 Billion In Box Office Sales And Sequel News
  • Moonrise Kingdom opens the Cannes Film Festival
  • Phone hacking scandal: Rebekah Brooks officially charged

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HOLLYWOOD TAKE 2: When Rules are Broken

12 May

For the week ending May 12th, I can’t help remembering all of the week’s where the accumulated day’s outcomes were fairly ordinary, conventional, or certainly non-noteworthy. Other than The Avengers fairly unprecedented box office successes other events were equally unique and significantly hard to predict.  In many instances scenarios whose endings were inscribed, will have to be rewritten.  Conclusions that appeared to be confirmed should instead be entirely rethought.  And assurances that should have accumulated a fair amount of interest will certainly have to be recalculated. Filled with innovators, ground-breaking technology and trendsetters, this wasn’t a predictable week and little occurred historically to help say otherwise.

Significant Stories:

  • President Obama Pledges Support for Gay Marriage
  • Obstacles to tracking Video on Demand Stats

Movie Buzz: 5/11

11 May

This weekend, Marvel’s The Avengers, took number one at the box office.  It broke Box Office opening weekend records with a staggering, mouth dropping $207.4M.  I’d say a lot of people were waiting for this film to hit theaters!  Think Like a Man came in number 2 ($8.1).  The Hunger Games continued to hold it’s number 3 ranking with $5.6M.   Let’s see how The Avenger’s did and if it is worth the money!

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7 May

By Comic Relief

It would not be in LIH’s best interest to supply spoiler filled appraisal of the Avengers movies.  Has this movie, cast and director found its audience? Please look at the box office numbers and recognize that the movie can’t stop breaking box office numbers? Does the movie live up to the hype? Below are 10 questions that everyone who still hasn’t seen the Avengers needs to know?  Every general effort was made to not spoil the film.

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