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Video On Demand: Is it The Way of the Future?

14 May

By Open Book

Today Video on Demand or VOD has breathed new life into independent filmmaking. As big studios began closing their Art House Divisions in favor of producing Tent Pole attractions moviegoers discovered the world of VOD or streaming video technology. Not to say the Big Blockbuster are a thing of the past (The Avengers confirms Blockbusters are here to stay). However, last year in an article Blockbuster vs. Indie Films Part 1&2 highlighted the problems facing the independent film industry. In this article we will revisit the current film market and what VOD offers moviegoers and independent filmmakers.

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How Hollywood Campaigns for an Oscar?

25 Jan

First article in our 5 weeks series on Campaigning for an Oscar!

By Ozzie

With the Oscar nominations being announced yesterday, many production companies will be anxiously waiting to see if their advertising campaigns (commonly known as “For Your Consideration” adverts) have paid off. For the last few months they have spent huge amounts of money for buying advertising space in the trade magazines to gain awareness of their movies among the voting members of the awards shows in the hopes to garner a nominations and later on an actual award. Although many of these campaigns are now advertising to the many award shows around now and spreading to television networks, they initially started with the Oscars.

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2012 Golden Globes & HFPA: From a German/European POV.

16 Jan

LIH welcomes guest author article. 

By Sony

When Open Book invited me to write an article about this topic my first thought was, “to confess or not to confess” but then I decided to be honest: I’ve only watched the Golden Globes live once, in 2011 and solely because a special someone was presenting an award. Otherwise the GG‘s were just the final rehearsal for the Oscars in my opinion, and they weren’t worth the trouble to loose a night’s sleep for the show. Before I started my research in German, English and French newspapers I made a short opinion poll among some friends and colleagues. The result was: From 10 people I asked, 8 answered “GG? Let me think a moment, isn’t that the show where they predict the Oscar nominations?”  Only two knew about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association or (HFPA) and its connection to the GG‘s. Both complained about the intransparent criteria of; 1). admission to the HFPA as well as 2). the dubious nomination procedure.

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Movie Buzz: Limited Edition 12-9

9 Dec

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 continues to take the number one slot at the box office grossing $16.5 million for the week.  The Muppets doesn’t disappoint in the number two slot grossing $11.1 million. Last weekend, 3 major movies opened: Shame, The Artist, and A Dangerous Method. However, these films are only in limited release.  Movies that are anticipated or critically acclaimed are limited in theaters during the autumn to qualify them for the Academy Awards, per award rules. A film must qualify in the previous calendar year, thus ending on December 31.[1]  If these films do well, they generally are out in wide release during January and February.  In honor of our 3 major limited release films, LIH brings you:

“Movie Buzz: Limited Edition!!!”

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