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Movie Buzz 9-30

30 Sep

The Lion King( in 3-D) was the number one film at the box office again last weekend earning ($21.9 Million Worldwide), and Moneyballcame in second, starring Brad Pitt it earned ($19.5 Million Worldwide).  There were more in wide release to open.  We will review last weekend films as well as those coming out this weekend so you can decide if they are worth your money?

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Fan Encounters

4 Jun

By  Parisienne

It’s fair to admit not all fans are white jacket crazy. Yes, it seems the most absurd get the utmost attention in the media. However, what about the genuinely thoughtful fans with a grasp on reality? You know those who are not overzealous but rather modest who want to share their encounters and appreciation of the individual’s work. Yes them! Well this week we decided to focus on five thoughtful fan encounters and have you vote, which is your favorite. So let’s get started.

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