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Hollywood Take 2: “Life of Pi”

29 Sep

For all of the many political events to occur over the last few weeks this Hollywood Take 2 may sound a little evasive.  Yet rest assured, there is a reason for so much partisan neutrality in this political season. Hollywood has the uncanny ability to just keep on going despite changes in national temperament, changes of the status quo, or any other change to the national ecology (whether any of these events occur or not).  Maybe it’s “the show must go on,” or another productive aphorism yet resilience can’t be underestimated or ignored in the US’ entertainment capital.  If there were any ongoing mandatory policy in the town, entertainment sustainability is always in fashion.

That said most of this week’s stories contradict conventional expectations regarding their content.


  • Life of Pi
  • Sheppard Smith apologizes for Fox News airing video taped suicide
  • John Travolta 1, Tabloids O
  • Judge Dredd Box Office Dead despite Comic Con Endorsement
  • Another Abraham Lincoln Bio pic

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