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Science Fiction/Fantasy Influence on our Culture: Part 1

28 Mar

1st article in our 7week series on Sci-Fi/Fantasy

 By Open Book

Welcome to LIH’s seven-week series on Science Fiction and Fantasy. In this series each week we will review its literary and film representations and it’s influence on our culture.  As many know,  Science Fiction writers have visualized technological advances for scientist since the 1960’s.  Fascinating as that may be, rarely do we acknowledge Science Fiction or Fantasy writers criticism to represent our current social customs and state of mind. Page to Silver Screen (our sister site where we review books and film adaptations) is currently reading The Hunger Games and The Never-Ending Story. These two books are bestselling Young Adult futuristic and fantasy narratives. The film The Hunger Games, which opened in theaters this past weekend, has sparked a controversial debate on twitter regarding racism today.  How can a futuristic Young Adult novel inspire such a heated debate?  In Part 1 of this article we will examine the controversial racial debate and discuss this genre’s history and in Part 2 we will discuss Fantasy and its spiritual influence on our culture. So lets get started.

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