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The Top 5: Re-Imagined Film Franchises

21 Mar

By Open Book

Twentieth Century Fox left everyone scratching their heads last week wondering. “Isn’t it a little too soon?” after announcing they were “rebooting” the 2003 superhero film Daredevil, which starred Ben Affleck.[1] David Slade will be directing the “new direction” film franchise but an actor has yet to be announced. So as an attempt to soothe consumers itchy scalp, we thought we would focus on the most successful re-imagined film franchises. However, we will only discuss our Top 5 films of the last decade and the reasons they were successful. Continue reading

International Actors Playing American Superheroes-Part 1

5 Feb

By: Open Book

Warner Brothers finally revealed who will play the iconic Superman character in their next film, British actor Henry Cavill. However, Americans are complaining more and more acting jobs are being outsourced to British, Australian and Canadian actors. Jimmy Kimmel (a late night talk show host) gave a funny monologue in which he highlighted all American Superheroes like Spiderman, Batman and Superman, are now being played by British actors.[1] Yet, casting agents are blaming the Internet!!  In a recent article on Reuters online entitled American Superheroes Missing in Hollywood [2]a casting agent stated; “Thanks to the Net, casting directors can now e-mail sides (script pages) to the most remote of locales, and then record auditions they will show directors and producers. Not only does that level the playing field, it also saves money on far-flung casting calls. We as casting directors want to be thorough, and now we can…………”  Continue reading