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7 May

Welcome to New Movie Hot Seat where each Saturday we will review new films that’s opened in theaters this week.  We will have a live debate discussing the pros and cons of one of the newly released films, then vote if it’s worth the money. Also, each week we will put up a poll for consumers to vote, which film we will put in the hot seat next week.

Last week our viewers selected THOR for this Saturday’s New Movie Hot Seat discussion. So please join us. Continue reading

Thor: Likely a Very Interesting Brew!

5 May

Guest Author– Comic Relief

If you are a movie fan you know Thor opens on Friday May 6th 2011.  What is Thor; funny you should ask?  Thor like so many comic book legends is a twisted combination of social, literary, religious and historical events that depending on your sensibility or taste may be a very interesting “brew” (yes, get ready for a lot of Hollywood old English vocabulary in the movie) of fantasy entertainment.  Yet adults, to make this interesting we might have to delve into those issues we are not supposed to talk about in polite society: politics, race, and religion.  Once we skim over that territory, we can immerse ourselves in the fully bodacious elements of this character’s story that might actually make this film a lot of fun to go see. Continue reading

Crisis of Credibility: The New Wonder Woman

2 May

Please welcome another article from guest writer:

By Comic Relief

Many who have heard of developments for a Wonder Woman TV show must be wondering what the show is about?  Those familiar with the comic’s character, if not the fairly unknown actress Adrianne Palicki, probably assume it stars Themysciran or Paradise Island’s Amazon Princess in her super powered adventures.  For many whom have heard the showed called a remake or reissue of the original Linda Carter T.V. series of the 1970’s may not be wrong. Yet all should know the character embraces many of the contradictions experienced by women in our contemporary world outside of comics.  So yes, expect some social controversy. And understand that this controversy is one of the reasons so many are predicting this NBC show will fail royally with audiences.  Continue reading

Captain America: Hitler’s Final Solution Contested or Thoughtless Nostalgia?

11 Apr

Please welcome our guest author Comic Relief

If you have seen Director Joe Johnston’s recent trailers for Captain America: The First Avenger you no doubt recognize what a big a blockbuster Marvel Entertainment and Disney are planning for July 22, 2011.  Yet before marching off to the theatres to see actor Chris Evans’ portrayal of the character, you might want to consider what you’re going to see.  A super hero dressed up in patriotic colors in a WWII setting; what more is there to know?  The answer should be plenty. Continue reading

Can We Really Call It “Great Acting?”

4 Apr

By Open Book

With all the announcements last week about actresses Amy Adams and Sarah Gadon selected to bring the “on screen chemistry” (ingredients some say missing for the films currently in pre-production) Superman: Man of Steel and Cosmopolis.[1] It makes you wonder how it all works? Of course, this only ignited curiosity regarding the big blockbuster films slated to come out this summer as well. They include: Thor, Green Lantern, Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers 3.[2] All these films will need to rely (to some extent) on great “on screen chemistry” between the opposite sexes. So what makes on screen chemistry believable to audiences?  And, what qualifies as a authentic transformation if the actors are a couple off screen?  Continue reading