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The Ugly Stepchild to Horror Films

20 Aug

If you are a horror film fan than you know about the ugly stepchild known as torture porn.  This horror film sub genre has become quite popular over the last decade. In April 2012 Morality in Media called for a national boycott of the website Groupon, which offered tour discounts of the film studio Kinks[1] (a California based film studio that produces torture porn). What is Torture Porn? This article will explore this sub genre’s pop cultural influence and its future.  So let’s get started.

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“Red Tails” Do or Die & Sundance 2012

23 Jan

By Open Book

It is amazing African Americans future in cinema falls on the shoulders of Red Tails succeeding at the box office this weekend. Is this an ultimatum by Hollywood or George Lucas? The films production budget was 58 million and grossed so far 19 million domestic. Granted after distribution and marketing cost George Lucas (who produced the film) is out 93 million for this film.

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Hollywood Take 2: Sundance Film Festival

22 Jan

This is where LIH takes a second look at this weeks Top happening stories in Hollywood and ask you to discuss them. First, lets take a trip to Park City, Utah for The Sundance Film Festival, which began January 19, going on till January, 29 2012. Then will go back to Los Angeles and review other stories that took place this past week.

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