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LIH: Editorial: Star Wars Celebration

28 Jul

The Star Wars Celebration Convention ended yesterday in Messe Essen, Germany. Naturally with former cast and crew plus those who are currently working on the new film attending, there were updates on Star Wars: Episode VII’s progress!

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Hollywood Take 2: After the End of a Long Tumultuous Campaign Season

10 Nov

Restarts for older film series, conclusions for younger film series and with the results of contentious political races, Hollywood had no other option this week than to slow down and reaccess.   And with few specific paths chosen, some targets for all of these topics are nonetheless assured.  Huh, you’re asking; yeah it’s complicated.  You’ll read that plan for Lucas film is set yet the actual participants in many aspects of the next trilogy are still unknown.  Twilight is supposedly finished but even the author of the books is suggesting the franchise may not be through.  Though the country knew what it did not want in a political change, the road ahead may be slow and deliberate. One step forward, one step back, though clear directions are chosen, the road ahead will require more patience than haste.

Essential Stories:

  • Far more put in their bids than reject the next “Star Wars” Trilogy
  • Breaking Dawn II and the end of an era?
  • After the End of a Long Tumultuous Campaign Season

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