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Religious Film Production Companies

16 Apr

In the film industry there is a small but mighty group whose goal is to bring spiritual, uplifting, and edifying messages to its audience. This group consists largely of Christian production companies from all over the world. Today, we will take a look at five of these companies (within the U.S.) and the films that are making a spiritual dent in our society. Continue reading

Science Fiction with Spiritual Themes

9 Apr

3rd article in our series: “Spiritually Uplifting Films in Hollywood!”

A topic that is difficult for some, this article is committed to discussing “Science Fiction with Spiritual Themes.” If this premise doesn’t make you immediately react negatively you might finish this article pleased with what you read. If you did react negatively then maybe the rest of the audience should understand why you may feel this way?  Continue reading

Science Fiction/Fantasy Influence on our Culture: Part 2

18 Apr

3rd. article in our 7week series on Sci-Fi/Fantasy

By Littlebells

Science Fiction and Fantasy films allow us as an audience to indulge our minds in the “what ifs” of our imaginations.  They bring to life the adventures, places, and people/creatures we have dreamed since our youth.  They can also hold spiritual messages enlightening us to dig a little deeper within ourselves to connect to others and find our own truth.

Continue reading