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Movie Buzz: Limited Edition 12-9

9 Dec

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 continues to take the number one slot at the box office grossing $16.5 million for the week.  The Muppets doesn’t disappoint in the number two slot grossing $11.1 million. Last weekend, 3 major movies opened: Shame, The Artist, and A Dangerous Method. However, these films are only in limited release.  Movies that are anticipated or critically acclaimed are limited in theaters during the autumn to qualify them for the Academy Awards, per award rules. A film must qualify in the previous calendar year, thus ending on December 31.[1]  If these films do well, they generally are out in wide release during January and February.  In honor of our 3 major limited release films, LIH brings you:

“Movie Buzz: Limited Edition!!!”

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Shame: Not so Shameful at the BOX OFFICE

5 Dec

Open Book

The film Shame opened in theaters this past weekend with an impressive turn out despite its NC-17 rating.  The film stars Michael Fassbender who’s getting a lot of critical praise for his performance in this film. However, the big news is the subject matter of this film which chronicles the life of a sex addict. The film is directed by Steve McQueen and adult audiences could not wait to see it. It had its third best limited debut ever for a NC-17.[1]

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