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Comic Laughs: Are Black Women Ready For Comedy?

21 Oct

Kenan Thompson thinks that black female comedians are not funny enough for SNL according to an interview he did for TV Guide.


The actress that he says he would like to see on the show is Darmirra Brunson.

Which Black comediennes would you like to see on the show and do you think Thompson is justified in his answer that black comediennes are never ready?

The Art of Screenwriting

20 May

In what was supposed to be a passionate discussion of the art of screenwriting, this article will from the periphery describe this essential art; (and hopefully not disparage or minimize how important it is to the feature length film).  Anyone who has enjoyed many of the articles on this site knows we are not kidding when we say the article was meant to honor this discipline.  So please indulge us while we attempt to talk around the art and at least an indication of where a future article hopes to be more detailed in describing.

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