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Hollywood Take 2: When Outsides Don’t Match Insides

3 Mar

Other than the Fashion coverage, we probably don’t have to remind you of how gratuitously smarmy the Academy Award pre-show coverage was.  Cheesy, sappy, or another description, I don’t know what food-based metaphor to use.  You can only kiss up to movie stars in so many ways.  Instead of delving further into that coverage we will move into what you are probably expecting.  That would be the events that occurred on the inside of the Kodak center.  Actually we will do both, because the contrast between insides and outsides was one of the most interesting aspects of this year’s Oscars.

Essential stories:

  1. Somewhat balanced and almost proportionate gender presentation
  2. Sacha Baron Cohen creates dictator stunt then refuses to attend event
  3. The Sammy Davis Jr. controversy, that wasn’t

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