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War and Romance in Comics and Film

2 Nov

Final article in our 5 week series on the War Film Genre

By Comic Relief

Readers of the Paulina Simon’s novel, The Bronze Horseman might likely wonder whether the war and romance themes of her book permeate other sequential art genres.  But first you might catalogue what those sequential art examples would be?  Recently Hollywood has recognized comic books as one very influential form of sequential art. To explore this form, first we’ll discuss why comics might be discussed in an entertainment blog focusing on feature films and adult forms of comic book content.  Second we’ll mention some of the greater war and romance books that have graced the genre.  Then third we will review some of the greater contemporary examples on war and romance stories in comics and the silver screen.

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Why We Love Romance & War Films?

5 Oct

1st article in our 5 week series on the War Film Genre 

By Open Book

In celebration of the debut of our sister site FromPagetoSilverScreen (a collection of avid readers and devoted movie goers come together to discuss and improve their literary and film connoisseurship skills). Each week on LIH we are doing a five week-long series on the War Film genre.  Why? The book we are currently reviewing on FromPagetoSilverScreen is an International Bestselling novel by author Paullina Simons entitled The Bronze Horseman. The book was adapted by Simons herself and in pre-production, with a scheduled film release date of 2012.

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