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The Rover: The Truth is Never Sexy-Part-2

3 Jul

One of the most difficult challenges for artwork is; to be effective many times it needs to change our expectations of the reality around us. Sometimes art even needs to change our expectations of previous art. This can be a very difficult job. And let’s face it sometimes the audience does not make these goals easy. Audiences sometimes come to theaters expecting one experience when they need to be open to another.  Continue reading

The Rover: The Truth is Never Sexy! Part-1

1 Jul

After reading film critic reviews of The Rover (which were mixed) did not deter me from seeing this movie. Why? I’m convinced some film critics are adversarial toward anything progressive because it’s easy to appease audiences and bean counters who like formulas rather than those who don’t. But I digress, this film is very thought provoking and interactive. The director David Michôd respect audiences who can think for themselves. He gives audiences just enough insight without spelling out what the film is about. In other words it’s not for the “paint by numbers” crowd you might need to think or stay sober for at least 90 minutes. Continue reading

Best Bad Guy Quotes of the Last Decade

16 Oct

Is it really true bad guys always get the best lines? To test this theory we checked out some pretty bad guys dialogue of the last decade to see how resolute their words are. Enjoy!

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All Good Things Must Come To An End: Some Need More Help Than Others

25 Mar

When Harry Potter ended, many consumers were saddened by the end of the franchise.  However, J. K. Rowling gave them Pottermore to help them relive the series. Click here to view.

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Twilight-Breaking Dawn: The Bonds Of Motherly Love: How Twilight Helps Mothers And Daughters Communicate

21 Jan

What resources were at your disposal to have clear communication with your parents when you were growing up?  Teens nowadays have The Twilight Saga.  Cathy Leogrande has written an essay on this topic  let’s take a look.

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