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Duck Dynasty: Giving America hope, one episode at a time

9 Sep

About a year ago, the husband and I were watching television and trying desperately to find something decent to watch.  In today’s TV world, that’s pretty dang tricky.  We happened upon an episode of Duck Dynasty.  Thinking, “Oh great, another reality show,” we found ourselves laughing and feeling pretty uplifted as we watched it.  We rarely watch reality shows, because let’s be honest, most are C.R.A.P.  But this one was different.

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Puppet Therapy: A Uncharacteristic Remedy for the Starsuckers Phenomena

19 Jun

3rd Article in our series on the Starsucker documentary.

What many should appreciate about the Chris Atkins’, Starsuckers documentary is the way the film details our culture’s obsession with celebrity status. These obsessions motivate the Paris Hiltons, Kim Kardashians, Brody Jenners and others who have sought fame from the world of reality TV. Consequently it also describes why many legitimate Hollywood actors have also sought a kind of reality celebrity. Dedicated to the film industry, LIH has discussed how the medium of television supports a reality craze that many of our writers collectively view as negative. You can witness this documentary by selecting this link.

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Television Viewing and Our Psychosocial Health

6 Jun

1st. article in our 5 week series on the “Starsucker” documentary

Welcome to our five-week series inspired by the documentary film Starsucker. It looks into why we are addicted to fame and celebrities today. Click here to watch. Although, the documentary touches on television and mental health concerns this article aims to understand more in depth television viewing and our psychosocial health. Plus look into how much television impacts our critical thinking skills.

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Is Reality TV Taking Over the Big Screen?

5 Mar

By Open Book

The film Project X opened in theaters this weekend. The film marketed primarily to young adult male audiences is rated R and moviegoers have to be 21 or older to see the film. So what’s the big deal? This film comes out during a time when women in America are asking for better representation in the media. Sure this has been an ongoing argument between women and Hollywood for a while now. However, to start off the New Year, the producers of Project X seem to be thumbing their noses at feminist everywhere claiming their bringing reality TV to the big screen. Could the negative depiction of young girls influence a whole new generation of men who devalue women?  The site feministfrequency.com analyzed film studios 2011 report card regarding women’s roles in film and surprisingly only one film passed the Bechdel Test.  In this article we will look at the trailer for Project X and see if it would pass or fail the Bechdel Test. Plus discuss Reality TV, scandal media culture being brought to the big screen.

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International Actors Playing American Superheroes-Part 2

15 Feb

By: Open Book

Today, reality T.V.is a favorite past time in America.  Some say it began back in 1992 with a show called The Real World on MTV. But in fact, it began much earlier on PBS with a show called An American Family in 1973.  The idea was the brainchild of a documentary film producer, Craig Gilbert in 1971.  He believed Americans were tired of situational comedies about families, like The Brady Bunch, Father Know Best and Ozzie and Harriet and wanted to try something new. But it’s important to mention, in 1973, 100,000 Americans lost jobs due to a number of US car manufacturers closing plants.[1] Needless to say, when An American Family aired in 1973, the show was a major success making it one of the most watched shows on PBS and it lasted for 12 episodes.[2] So what does all this have to do with American actors loosing jobs to International actors? A lot!  Continue reading