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What Does It Mean when Celebrities are Knighted?

9 Jan

5th article in our series “Royal Family’s Influence on Pop Culture”

That celebrities and other public figures occasionally get knighted is one of the things we periodically hear about within England.  It may appear unusual to us because the practice is such a traditional vestige of the country’s strictly monarchal past.  Because we imagined many US citizens and possibly other nationalities don’t know what that term actually means, we thought we should focus on the practice.  Also given the site’s entertainment mission we thought the practice wasn’t that usual it is an honor that many entertainers have received.  In this article we will attempt to demystify what this event actually entails, means, and how it came to be.

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The Royal Family’s Influence on Fashion

19 Dec

Its fair to assume you had an impact on fashion if an entire period is named after you. At the forefront of fashion trends England began its dominance dating back as far as 1558 to present day. From the Elizabethan, Victorian and Edwardian era, named after Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and King Edward. English Royal’s (over the centuries) have presented grandeur, opulence, elegance and strength even at times of war. In this article we will review the English Royal Family’s influence on fashion from the Elizabethan era to present day.

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Her Majesty’s Secret Service and its Relationship to James Bond

28 Nov

1st. Article of a 6 week Series: The Royal Family’s Influence on Pop Culture 

With this year being the Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II, we decided to look at the Royal Family and their impact in pop culture. Easing our way into it, we’ll look at Her Majesty’s Secret Service (who help provide intelligence to her protection team) and James Bond who is also celebrating 50 years of films (the Queen has attended three premiers and she had Bond escort her to the opening ceremony of the Olympics!).

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