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How Hollywood wrongly portray Post Traumatic Stress Disorders in films

4 Nov

The portrayal of Post-Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) in films, much like our understanding of mental health and how we view it, has changed as medical knowledge grew and breakthroughs were made. What may seem like bad acting or barbaric treatment now, at the time they were made (or depiction of the time being portrayed) was the normality of the situation. Officially PTSD was acknowledged as a legitimate disorder in 1980 but it has been recorded for many millennia under different terms such as “Nostalgia” “Soldier’s Heart” “Shell Shocked” and “Battle Fatigue”.  [1] The majority of PTSD films center around the horrors of war and its aftermath, more recently it has been found that it covers a wider range of traumatic events such as car crashes, terrorist attacks, physical abuse, injuries or witnessing a violent death. So more films are now being made which include these PTSD events in their plots.

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LIH Top 5 Mental Illnesses Portrayed in Hollywood Films

28 Aug

2nd. article in our 5 week series on Hollywood & Mental Health

Mental Illness has a large history in film culture.  Whether a comedy or taken seriously, you can find a vast library of films ranging from clinical depression to schizophrenia.  Today we will take a look at films under the following illnesses: Bi-Polar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD, Schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Hollywood & PTSD Among Military

19 Oct

 Third article in our 5 week series on the War Film Genre

By Littlebells

Disclaimer: The use of PTSD in this article is focused on military and POWs.  There are many other factors that can lead to PTSD.

The Summer Garden is the third and final book of Paullina Simon’s epic love story between Tatiana Metanova and Alexander Barrington.  It is in this last book that we see what the ravages of war can do to a man and his family.  The book begins with Alexander having been rescued from his POW camp in Saschenshausen and starting a new life back in his home country of America. He suffers from PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder and must find a way to keep his family together despite his past.

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