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Is Reality TV Taking Over the Big Screen?

5 Mar

By Open Book

The film Project X opened in theaters this weekend. The film marketed primarily to young adult male audiences is rated R and moviegoers have to be 21 or older to see the film. So what’s the big deal? This film comes out during a time when women in America are asking for better representation in the media. Sure this has been an ongoing argument between women and Hollywood for a while now. However, to start off the New Year, the producers of Project X seem to be thumbing their noses at feminist everywhere claiming their bringing reality TV to the big screen. Could the negative depiction of young girls influence a whole new generation of men who devalue women?  The site feministfrequency.com analyzed film studios 2011 report card regarding women’s roles in film and surprisingly only one film passed the Bechdel Test.  In this article we will look at the trailer for Project X and see if it would pass or fail the Bechdel Test. Plus discuss Reality TV, scandal media culture being brought to the big screen.

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