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Celebrity Gossip & The British Press Corruption

12 Jun

2nd. article of our 5 week series on the Starsucker documentary. 

In the Starsucker documentary (click here to view) it discusses how celebrity gossip has taken over fact based news journalism. In this article we hope to look more in depth at those claims and what we can expect for the future. On the surface the News International phone hacking scandal may appear to be just the press using any method available to gather gossip (before another rival does!) for the public’s insatiable interest in celebrities. The truth is it is a much more muddied affair. The scandal and the Leveson Inquiry have revealed corruption between the media, politics and police. This is only a very brief history and a brief glance into the findings!

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The Royal Family: Goodwill and Charity

12 Dec

The Royal famiy is known for many things.  One of which is their involvement with goodwill and charitiable organizations.  Their influence is felt around the world.  Most of the world associates goodwill with the late Princess Diana and her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, but it has extended to our very own pop culture.

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When a Prank Goes Too Far: Predicting A New Royal Heir

10 Dec

Last Monday it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their first child after Kate was admitted to the hospital for acute morning sickness. It was a week that should have been filled with joy and excitement for the couple and public but instead ended in sorrow and tragedy.

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