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How Can People Get Trapped in the Fame Spotlight?

26 Jun

Last article in the Starsucker documentary series. 

Have you wondered why the media builds up celebrities than knocks them down? You’ve seen it, a celebrity built up so high they look invincible. Case in point, Tom Cruise who goes on Oprah, jumps on the couch and well the rest is history. The most recent celebrity knocked off her thrown Food Network celebrity chef Paula Deen, who was recently fired from the Food Network for derogatory comments made about African Americans.  We will come back to her later. However, in the Starsucker documentary (click here to view) they believe (in this reality television consumer age) the media has to invoke positive and negative overexposure to create the illusion fame is attainable by the consumer.  This article will explore how reality television has contributed to the fame obsessed culture today, plus how some celebrities get trapped in their own media downfall.

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