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Oscar! Oscar! Get your gold, shiny Oscar!

22 Feb


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Two nights  from now the 85th Academy Awards will commence and all the stars will be out on the town.  If you have read previous articles from LIH about award shows, you will know that some of us think most of them are overrated.  However, Golden Globes and Oscars are our favorite!

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Argo and Django Unchained: Oscar Nominees With Historical Inaccuracies

18 Feb

With the Oscars fast approach we decided to look at two films in the Best Picture category to see how historically accurate they are. While many of the films in this category have historical inaccuracies they are minor compared to our chosen films.

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Negative Whispers on Zero Dark Thirty

14 Jan

This last week the controversies surrounding Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty seemed to have become louder and louder with each nomination announcement it received. Although this may feel like a recent thing, the film has had negative whispers surrounding it since before the camera started to roll.

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Skyfall’s on Oscars?

7 Jan

Last week the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that the James Bond movie franchise will be paid tribute to at the 85th Academy Awards for its 50 year history. [1]

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And The Oscar Goes To: 2012 Toronto International Film Festival Oscar Contenders

22 Sep

An Oscar.  Film makers and films thrive to be worthy of one or many.  The Toronto International Film Festival ended on Semptember 16, 2012.  Let’s take a look at the films that have attracted the worthiness of this golden statue.

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