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Oscar! Oscar! Get your gold, shiny Oscar!

22 Feb


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Two nights  from now the 85th Academy Awards will commence and all the stars will be out on the town.  If you have read previous articles from LIH about award shows, you will know that some of us think most of them are overrated.  However, Golden Globes and Oscars are our favorite!

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Is it Sexist for Child Actors to be Nominated for Adult Categories?

24 Oct

3rd. article in our 6 week series on Hollywood Politics Inside & Out

Is it sexist for child actors to be nominated for adult categories? The goal of this article is to acquaint mainstream developmental psychology with a popular cultural event; The Academy Awards.  Why? I don’t believe it is necessary for the public to experience this cultural celebration in an intellectual vacuum.  Bringing the two events together might help us uncover a number of oversights sustained by contemporary customs. Many notions about gender and adolescence though wide spread, may not have been thoroughly researched.

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