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Is Reality TV Taking Over the Big Screen?

5 Mar

By Open Book

The film Project X opened in theaters this weekend. The film marketed primarily to young adult male audiences is rated R and moviegoers have to be 21 or older to see the film. So what’s the big deal? This film comes out during a time when women in America are asking for better representation in the media. Sure this has been an ongoing argument between women and Hollywood for a while now. However, to start off the New Year, the producers of Project X seem to be thumbing their noses at feminist everywhere claiming their bringing reality TV to the big screen. Could the negative depiction of young girls influence a whole new generation of men who devalue women?  The site feministfrequency.com analyzed film studios 2011 report card regarding women’s roles in film and surprisingly only one film passed the Bechdel Test.  In this article we will look at the trailer for Project X and see if it would pass or fail the Bechdel Test. Plus discuss Reality TV, scandal media culture being brought to the big screen.

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For Your Consideration: An Actor’s Campaign For Oscar

25 Feb

By Parisienne

An Oscar Win!  For actors that have been nominated or received an Oscar, it is a night they will never forget.  For one night, we are glued to our televisions comparing fashions while actors do red carpet interviews and once inside, the heart pounding anticipation begins.  Which of our favorite actors will win the coveted golden statue?  The long journey to Oscar stops and someone will walk away knowing that their hard work and dedication paid off.

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Oscar 2012: Film Score Review!

24 Feb

By Littlebells

This Sunday is the Sunday of all Sundays as far as the entertainment world is concerned.  This is the night Oscar polishes up and makes his appearance around the world.  This weekend we bring you the soundtracks from the nominated films for Best Original Score.

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Why Films Open in Limited Release?

1 Feb

Second article in our 5 weeks series on Campaigning for an Oscar!

LIH Welcomes Guest Author-Jess

With the Oscars just around the corner, the 26th of February couldn’t come any faster for those anticipating the show. But besides the excitement on what certain actresses are wearing and winner for Best Picture, there are also those watching the show to see what new and exciting movies are soon to be coming out this year.

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The People’s Choice Awards: Voting History

11 Jan

By Open Book

There’s a lot of skepticism toward an award shows voting process. Especially, voting by the general public.  The People’s Choice Awards has changed their voting process three times since the first show aired in 1975. So we thought we look into their voting process, it’s authenticity and effectiveness in exhibiting the realities of public opinion.

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