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Oscar 2013 Recap: Winners & Losers

25 Feb


Did you like the Oscars this year?

Who was the best dressed last night?

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The 2013 Oscar Debate

20 Feb

2012 proved to be an interesting year for Hollywood filmmakers. The nine films nominated for the 2013 Oscar definitely deserve to be recognized. So much so, in this article each writer (on the LIH staff) will debate the film, director, actor or actress they are campaigning for the 2013 Oscar and why? The Oscar’s will air live this Sunday, February 24th, 2013 @7pmEST. So let’s get started

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Why Award Shows Matter to Hollywood and our Culture?

3 Oct

The race has already begun although the Golden Globes and Oscar Award shows don’t occur until next year 2013. Today consumers are asking. Why are these award shows necessary? So LIH writers got together to discuss why award shows are important to Hollywood and our culture? We hope you join in on this discussion.

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