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Hollywood Take 2: When Outsides Don’t Match Insides

3 Mar

Other than the Fashion coverage, we probably don’t have to remind you of how gratuitously smarmy the Academy Award pre-show coverage was.  Cheesy, sappy, or another description, I don’t know what food-based metaphor to use.  You can only kiss up to movie stars in so many ways.  Instead of delving further into that coverage we will move into what you are probably expecting.  That would be the events that occurred on the inside of the Kodak center.  Actually we will do both, because the contrast between insides and outsides was one of the most interesting aspects of this year’s Oscars.

Essential stories:

  1. Somewhat balanced and almost proportionate gender presentation
  2. Sacha Baron Cohen creates dictator stunt then refuses to attend event
  3. The Sammy Davis Jr. controversy, that wasn’t

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Does Time Spent In the Make-up Chair Equal an Oscar?

15 Feb

Fifth article in our 5 weeks series on Campaigning for an Oscar!

By Open Book

In 2011 we’ve seen Meryl Streep and Leo DiCaprio endure hours in the make-up chair to become J. Edgar Hoover and Margret Thatcher. This dedication to their craft has resulted in another Oscar nomination for Meryl Streep. Does time spent in the make-up chair equal an Oscar nomination?  Some believe (in Hollywood) to win an Oscar one must be willing to get a little ugly. Is that true? Well we want to challenge that theory and pose another one. Do moviegoers identify more with the less than attractive individual than not?

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“And the Oscar goes to…” for Best Original Song

11 Feb

By Littlebells

As the 2011 Academy Awards approach, LIH is bringing you all the songs that have won for Best Original Song accompanied with their contenders.  Please let us know what you think!

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From Singers to Oscar Winners

8 Feb

Third article in our 5 weeks series on Campaigning for an Oscar!

By Littlebells

In the music and acting industry, there is what seems to be an infinite number of artists.  However, there are not many singers who transitioned to the screen that would go on to garner the coveted Oscar. Listed below are those who have left quite an impression on the music and acting world.

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