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Netflix: Original Content is Here to Stay!

21 Jul

We’ve discussed on LIH our love and support for original content and with the popularity of Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” it’s clear audiences have embraced this new form. How about Netflix’s competitors Amazon and Hulu (who spent billions of dollars on original content) how well are they doing?

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Hollywood Take 2: Golden Globe Predictions 2012

9 Dec

This is where we take a second look at the Top 5 happening stories in Hollywood this week and ask you to discuss them. So let’s get started!

Pay-Per-View Movies at home?

22 Oct

By: Lurker

Would you pay $25 to watch a newly released movie at home?

Hollywood studios recently won an FCC ruling allowing them to stream movies directly to the home via a pay-per-view type service. The FCC also granted them the ability to restrict recording capabilities should they choose to pursue. MPAA secured this restriction as a play against online piracy and copyright protection. So the question is up to consumers, would you pay to watch recent movie at home only once for $25 while waiting to purchase a DVD? Continue reading