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Must See Unpopular Movie Genres!

14 Aug

Unpopular styles or genres often become cult films. Cult films are known for their dedicated fanbase, an elaborate subculture that engage in repeated viewings, quoting dialogue, and audience participation. Every month LIH’s staff will put in their vote for a “must see” film as an exercise to hone our cinephile senses. Today our focus and discussion will be on “unpopular film genres.” We hope you enjoy!  

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Movie Buzz 6/22

22 Jun

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted continues to take the number one spot in the box office, taking in $34.1 million. Prometheus came in second, bringing in $20.7 million and Snow White and the Huntsman dropped to #5 .  That’s My  Boy came in at #4 with $13.5 M, while Rock of Ages takes spot #3 earning $14.4M.  Let’s see how they did and if they’re worth the money!

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The Great Hollywood Musicals-Then & Now:Part 1

4 Jul

In celebration of America’s Independence here’s a Musical Tribute.

By Littlebells

I have a secret lover.  My lover and I have been together for about two decades.  My spouse knew about this crazy love affair but still decided to marry me. He thinks it’s odd and thinks I have strange taste, but he likes that I’m happy.  He accepts that I will be forever truly and deeply in love with great Hollywood musicals.

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