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Hitchcock and Herrmann

13 Jun

4th article in our 7 week series on Psychological Thrillers.

By Littlebells

These films are timeless classics.  They have just the right touch of Hitchcock that leaves you on the edge of your seat despite how many times you watch them.  We are all familiar with the themes of Psycho and can name it with just the raise of a hand and imitating the shrieking  “Ree! Ree! Ree!”  Hitchcock had thrilling composition for not only Psycho, but Vertigo and North by Northwest.  For each of these films he used the great composer, Bernard Herrmann.

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How does it make you feel? Vol. 2

11 Sep

By Parisienne and Little Bells

Opera and Mainstream Movies

22 Aug

Parisienne and Littlebells

Continuing our music appreciation, LIH’s focus this week is use of opera in mainstream movies.  Below are 3 very powerful opera pieces.  When collaborated into a film, these songs make the scenes more powerful, stimulating, and passionate.    Continue reading

How Does It Make You Feel? Vol. 1

6 Aug


  By:  Parisienne and LittleBells

Music is an important part of everyone’s life whether we know it or not.  We all remember certain songs in our past that evoked emotions in us.  Now we can allow our emotions to speak for us again.  We, at LIH, are starting a new column dedicated to music.  Sometimes the column will contain music that you can quietly reflect upon at other times there will be different articles and discussions pertaining to music.   Enjoy!

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Music for the Ages

21 Feb

By:  Parisienne

Music:  It is the driving force behind a film today. Often called melodramas, music can help to create the mood of a particular scene and can also assist in foreshadowing the plot.[1] It can also be used to elevate the mood of the consumer while watching the film. For example, the theme from Superman makes me feel energized while the theme and songs from the Twilight soundtrack make me feel a bit edgy and depressed. Continue reading