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Hollywood Morals on Violence

13 Feb

4th article in our series on “Gun Violence in the Media.

It is not an illusion: violence in films is getting more violent.  Most of society is desensitized , as it’s been a subtle shift over decades.  If you look at old Western films, you see the bad guys get shot, but there’s never any blood.  You hear the bang of the gun and down they go.  Not only do you see blood in today’s films but also brains explode, insides ooze or blast out of the body, and hear the sound of tissue tearing and disintegrating.

There is an ongoing debate among society and Hollywood that violence in films does or does not have a strong influence on the real world.  In light of recent shootings over the last several years and the President’s goal of gun control, one might think that Hollywood should put a kibosh on excessive violence.  In this article we will discuss Hollywood’s rating system and opinion of violence. Continue reading

Hollywood Take 2: When Creative Freedom isn’t so Remarkable

10 Mar

Despite the assurances of the people who work in them, many professional fields don’t seem very creative at all.  Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general doesn’t appear to favor this evaluation.  This week in entertainment there are a few events that make us ask whether creative feats have any significance at all.

Significant stories:

  • Limbaugh demonstrates his standards
  • Joss Whedon clarifies Marvel’s Liberal Creative Control Methodology
  • The Weinstein’s and MPAA look for middle ground

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What Makes Romance Believable on Film?

27 Jun

By Open Book

Is it chemistry, longing, anticipation, love lost then found again? Is it the love scene that makes a romance realistic? We are going to focus on romantic drama’s to figure out what makes a romance believable on screen.

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Sex & Violence in Films: Part 2

6 Jun

By Open Book

It would appear in recent years the number of R rated films has been reduced in the U.S. In Sex & Violence in Film: Part 1 we reviewed the film rating system in the UK to see if there were any similarities in how the two countries classify explicit content.  Based on the review on the UK (BBFC) rating system they do appear to be more liberal in regards to their classification on sexual content yet, stricter on violence.  In this article we will examine some of the challenges Directors face in Hollywood over the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system.

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Sex & Violence in Films: Part 1

30 May

By Ozzie

Has sex and violence in films changed over the years? How do other countries classify it? We decided to compare the UK to the US to see how the two countries view sex and violence in films.  At what age is it acceptable to see graphic content? Part 1 of our series will review the UK rating system then conclude with the US in Part 2.

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