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The Future of DVD & Blu-Ray Packaging: Part-1

19 Sep

5th article in our 7- week series on Film Studios Marketing Tactics

Much like its uncle and aunt, the Movie Marquee and Poster, the Optical disc package or DVD is a modern day promotional vehicle for the contemporary feature film.  Yet with the use of video on demand, streaming media, and other forms of media designed for home reception on the horizon and future, we have to wonder whether the speed of technological change will significantly curtail the lifespan of this form of promotional packaging?  Placing one more nail in the Red Box or neighborhood video store coffin, if the media is delivered over the internet (to your home) you have much less need of packaging for a nonexistent disk.  So while this marketing media continues to retain its urgency, let’s explore its reliable communicative features and influential marketing strengths.

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The Movie Poster: The Most Iconic Promotional Tool-Part 1

10 Sep

The movie poster frequently considered one of the most iconic promotional tools of the feature film industry. This article will not be exhaustive but will try to isolate some of the persistent aspects of this form of film advertising. One might see the poster used to promote a feature film, advertise an Oscar telecast, or be used as a form of memorabilia.  This article will be concerned with poster as a form of film advertising only.  Hopefully this article will help us better determine whether the contemporary movie poster remains a vital form of feature film advertising.

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