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Should Women Support Snow White?

11 Apr

By Open Book

You may have recognized the number of fairy tale movies being produced in Hollywood this year. Two films centered on Snow White and another on Sleeping Beauty. Yet, there is a tradition in literature where the female antagonist is the powerful, sexual, wicked older woman.[1] Really? What a way to marginalize women. All these films cast “older” Oscar winning actresses as the evil stepmother. So far we have Mirror, Mirror evil stepmother played by Julia Roberts, Snow White and the Huntsman with wicked, Charlize Theron and finishing up the evil older women crew is Angelina Jolie in Maleficent due out March 2014.  Looking at the media today young girls and women might get the impression women over the age of 30 are evil and jealous of young girls?  Why should society support films that put women at odds with one another and play on their insecurities?

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Dueling Film Projects in Hollywood

20 Feb

By Comic Relief

With so many movies dedicated to penguins and vampires, its no wonder audiences are complaining about the dearth of originality in Hollywood.  But even if we ignore how sequels diminish the amount of original material circulated from season to season, we still have  to acknowledged the new trend.

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