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Movie Buzz: 8/17

17 Aug

The Bourne Legacy opened last weekend and earned top spot at the box office bringing in $38.1M.  The Campaign came in at number two, grossing $26.6M.  Hope Springs did well coming in at number 4, grossing $14.7M Let’s see how they did and if they were worth the money!

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Does Time Spent In the Make-up Chair Equal an Oscar?

15 Feb

Fifth article in our 5 weeks series on Campaigning for an Oscar!

By Open Book

In 2011 we’ve seen Meryl Streep and Leo DiCaprio endure hours in the make-up chair to become J. Edgar Hoover and Margret Thatcher. This dedication to their craft has resulted in another Oscar nomination for Meryl Streep. Does time spent in the make-up chair equal an Oscar nomination?  Some believe (in Hollywood) to win an Oscar one must be willing to get a little ugly. Is that true? Well we want to challenge that theory and pose another one. Do moviegoers identify more with the less than attractive individual than not?

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