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Linked in Hollywood: Movie Buzz 3-11

11 Mar

By: Open Book

Linked in Hollywood: Movie Buzz is new, to nourish the film critic in you! Every Friday LIH will showcase the films that opened in theaters (in the U.S.) the previous weekend. Why? Because some consumers like to be well informed before taking the plunge! So in an effort to help you decide if it’s worth the money, we put together the results of multiple critics and consumers reviews, plus what the box office numbers reveal. Continue reading

Rob’s Supremacy is Bourne?

29 Oct

By:  Parisienne

We’ve all seen Matt Damon grace the screen as Jason Bourne and as this part of Matt’s career takes a turn, Robert Pattinson may replace him.  According to an online article, Rob may be replacing Matt as Jason Bourne in the next film of the franchise.  Do you think that Rob has what it takes to add this character to his resume of film roles?  In my opinion, he has the charisma and dedication to play any film role that he chooses.  If he is cast in this role, do you think that it would help or hurt his career?

View the article here:  http://www.metrowny.com/blogs/archives/660-Robert_Pattinson_to_replace_Matt_Damon_in_Bourne_franchise.html