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End of Summer 2011 Box Office

3 Oct

By Lurker

Since it’s past the ‘official’ end of Summer2011, we wanted to take a look over the box office results and see how our comic book hero’s stacked up this year. With 547 movies in release so far for 2011, the subject matter is all over the spectrum, therefore, we’ll be very selective in the movies we analyze.  To get us started let’s just take a quick peek at the overall box office trends.

Our favorite go-to site The Numbers  [1] has some interesting stats for 2011. No surprises here as the downward trend holds up.

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Cult Classics Films from Comics Book Culture

21 Sep

By Guest Author Comic Relief

From the magazine racks of the 1970 and 80’s to the silver screen, feature film cult classics tell us a great deal about the comic book cultural appetites of Hollywood audiences of that era.

It’s only partially true that the recent comic book cinema proliferation in feature films is something new in Hollywood.  Advances in CGI technology have made it easier to create characters for improbable action sequences that were impossible in the past.  Oddly cult classic films seem to support characters that were far less mainstream, (or seem distinctly underground in type).

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New Movie HOT SEAT: Captain America

29 Jul

Welcome to New Movie Hot Seat where the last Saturday of the month we review new films that’s opened in theaters in the last two weeks.  We will have a live debate discussing the pros and cons of one of the newly released films, then vote if it’s worth the money.

Last week our viewers selected Captain America: The First Avenger for this Saturday’s New Movie Hot Seat discussion.

Please click here to see trailer

The live debate will begin this Saturday: 7/30/ 2011 @ 3pE/8pUTC

Please join us!

X-MEN: First Class – Gambles with Fan Loyalties

25 May

Guest Author- Comic Relief

Differently than some other comic book cinema articles written for this site, the X-Men franchise definitely have a feature film history most can remember. Because of this choosing the best vantage point to discuss the upcoming film can be difficult to define regarding what’s at stake with this movie and franchise.  Also what perspective best describes the challenges defined by this film? Should a studio’s perspective of the film or the fan or specifically the fan boy or girl’s perspective be used?  Since this site attempts to empower consumers a perspective that uses a combination of both perspectives will probably be best.

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Thor: Likely a Very Interesting Brew!

5 May

Guest Author– Comic Relief

If you are a movie fan you know Thor opens on Friday May 6th 2011.  What is Thor; funny you should ask?  Thor like so many comic book legends is a twisted combination of social, literary, religious and historical events that depending on your sensibility or taste may be a very interesting “brew” (yes, get ready for a lot of Hollywood old English vocabulary in the movie) of fantasy entertainment.  Yet adults, to make this interesting we might have to delve into those issues we are not supposed to talk about in polite society: politics, race, and religion.  Once we skim over that territory, we can immerse ourselves in the fully bodacious elements of this character’s story that might actually make this film a lot of fun to go see. Continue reading