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“Thor: The Dark World” – Marvel’s CBM Crossroad

11 Nov

Thor: The Dark World, (or TTDW) is pleasing to most Comic book movie fan audiences. If you are keeping up with the CBM’s, you probably like Marvel entertainments crop of recent films. If you’re viewing is more incidental than committed then you may be solely be keeping up with general developments in contemporary action-adventure films. Marvel has a range of films characters and properties at other studios, and their main competition DC Comics hasn’t produced enough films to really stand out as a consistent challenger.  Still the recent “Dark Knight” trilogy and “Man of Steel” box office are raising expectations.  Making excellent use of CGI technology and production craft, clearly fan appreciation rivals the kind of fan reception that used to accompany Westerns in the mid 20th century.  If you think that means all things are rosy in comic book movie genre, despite some impressive consistencies in story telling, we want to encourage a more critical reception. Without venturing into spoiler territory, we will explore what we’re getting in these movies.

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HOLLYWOOD TAKES 2: LA Film Festival Re-Cap

30 Jun

The LA Film Festival closed this week so Linked in Hollywood thought we do a quick re-cap of some the events. Also, Marvels next movie Guardian of the Galaxy is set to come out in 2014. Who are the new superheros for this film? Plus, as Hollywood says goodbye to Nora Ephron we celebrate her achievements, with a look at her work and those who knew her.


  • LA Film Festival Re-Cap
  • Marvels New Movie in 2014
  • Nora Ephron: A Celebration of Achievements

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Spiderman and the Once and Future Marvel Entertainment?

18 Jun

By Comic Relief

As witnessed on the web, when Andrew Garfield was cast in director Mark Web’s reboot of the Amazing Spiderman, many film enthusiasts breathed a sigh of relief. Without getting into the messy details that ended the previous Sam Rami/Toby Maguire helmed series, the doubts of comic fans were very high.  This is actor Andrew Garfield expressing his misgivings [1];  Continue reading

DC vs. Marvel: If Restrictive Covenants Stand in the Way

12 Mar

By Comic Relief

If you were a huge comics culture enthusiast or superhero character fanboy you can’t help but wonder why DC has no ability to compete with Marvel.  There are sites on the web that spend 24/7 arguing about this issue.  This article attempts to speculate about what barriers stand in the way of action/adventure competitive DC comics.  Yet we first need to make a detour in entertainment genres.

Unfortunately we do not do not discuss sports enough at LIH, so parts of the next presentation may seem a little jarring. But please be patient with the introduction, you need some set up to adapt to the questions that this article is asking.

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The Avengers Trailer

10 Oct

By Comic Relief

The Avengers Trailer has arrived. Enjoy!

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